December 04, 2013

Day 4 - The 3rd Street Cafe, Sidney

One Sunday morning, back in March, me and my friends rocked up to Sidney for breakfast. I got there an hour early to see the end of the Bazan Bay 5km run.  A run I had hoped to do, but after doing damage to my right calf two weeks before hand, walking without a limp was about the best I could manage for 100 yards.  But I went to cheer on friends who were doing the run, and all managed to hit their targets.  So apart from a faint tinge of jealousy, it was a good start to the day.

That got better.  The Third Street Cafe does a busy trade it seems, and deals out standard breakfast favourites, with piles of well prepared fruit (in contrast to Cora's) and good sides.

I went with the Perogy Breakfast, which was on special that day.  A big fat sausage, eggs scrambled with sour cream, spring onion and potatoes and cheese.  The sausage was just the right side of spicy, the eggs done perfectly and the rest made it all up to be just like perogy had exploded and left it's contents behind as  breakfast behind. Tasty, gorgeous breakfast.  The coffee was fresh and served fast, the service was good.  It did all the things a cafe should do, very well.

We got a bar seat along one window, which made it harder to discuss the events of the week, but we could on the other hand gaze out at the parking antics of the locals.  Apparently parallel parking is harder even than I make it.  We did congratulate one of our friends who turned up after the run and awards at the finish line.  Very pleased with her 5km time, as I recall.

So, a short and quick review.  If in Sidney, go there for breakfast.  Flight out of the airport? Might be worth the side track.  It'll be better than the White Spot.

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