February 09, 2014

Glo, The Gorge, Victoria

Glo has a strange location.  It's tucked next to a scrap metal yard, with the ugly Bay street bridge blocking the view into Point Hope dockyards. That area just before the Gorge turns from it's industrial working end into the more scenic narrow inlet leading and winding into urban heart of Victoria.  The Jutland Road area obviously has had plenty of work done to it and has a modern feel and layout.  As does Glo itself.

A big, circular glass building, that lets in light and gets nice and warm on the coldest of winter days.  The patio is great in the summer, with glass walls to keep out the wind.  I've met a few people there for early evening drinks, and always been happy with the beer menu and the service. It does a great take on a lounge/restaurant well, with less obnoxious music and more good service than pretenders like the Cactus Club or Earls.  You go for evening drinks to relax and chat. Not to be seen.

Or you go early for a weekend brunch.  As I did on this trip with more normal tribe of friends for weekend brunch and gossip over coffee, eggs and fried protein.  Arriving a tad late, for reasons left unspoken, we got drafted into the end of a table set of ten, with eight good friends in fine form.

The room has lots of hard wood and black raffia place mats, giving it a modern yet vaguely formal feel.  As does the front desk seating and directing the traffic to the right place.  Everyone seems super efficient, smiling and if customers are getting on top of the staff, you can never tell.

Coffee was supplied, and it was hot, dark and tasty.  But it's the short rib hash that makes this the entry worth making.  Surely the best hash in town.  Fluffy potatoes, crispy on the outside, piled with the most succulent, soft, meaty beef.  The eggs were perfectly soft poached, so when you broke the yolk, you got a waterfall of yellow sauce over the meat and potatoes. You get into this meal, and the world fades out. Just a feeling of being satiated, contented and calm.  That's what breakfast with friends should be.  Rewind, recharge time, in the right place with the right food.

Other people ate things that they reported were good.  Like the Santa Fe Benedict (avocado and bacon on muffin) and Belgian Waffles.  I am not sure I'll be tempted to try them out though, as when you find a great dish, you don't want something that's merely good.

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