December 30, 2016

Where should I go in 2017?

The end of the year is here.   Victoria In Person went on a long hiatus after I lost the blogging challenge to Andrea. With Fringe and a lot of work in the last quarter of the year, I had to let something slide a little. And this blog was the casualty.

In the end, I think it was good to take a break. There's still lots of places I want to visit but some of the joy of writing had slipped by.  It's back now. I think. I've seen many blogs before going on a break, announce their return, post once more and then fade away for ever. So there's a chance that might happen.

But planning for success, myself and Andrea have a new challenge. She's going to try 25 new things this year. With five picked by her loyal readership, and a little filtering by her friends... so we can avoid her choosing easy things like picking up a copy of the Vancouver Sun.

I'm going to review twenty of the top rated places in Victoria (whether repeats or not), with five extra chosen by you, dear reader. 

The Top Ten on tripadvisor are as follows:

  1. Saveur
  2. Fishhook
  3. Ithaka Greek Restaurant
  4. Il Terrazzo
  5. Cafe Brio
  6. The Blue Fox
  7. John's Place
  8. The Fish Store at Fisherman's Wharf
  9. Olo
  10. Restaurant Matisse

Thank goodness Cora's is #12 on this list. Which also makes me question the validity of this list, as it's the most soulless, miserable place I have eaten in Victoria.

As my normal eating buddies are brunch specialist, I also took the top ten from Yelp for breakfast:
  1. Jam
  2. Blue Fox Nourish in the Harbour
  3. John's Place The Ruby
  4. Frankie's Modern Diner
  5. Mo:Le
  6. Hawk and Hen
  7. Spoons
  8. Floyd's
  9. Frank's Honeybun Cafe
  10. ReBar Modern Food

And I miss out on Cora's again, being #13 on Yelp. Seriously, apart from fruit platters and the longing for the original version back east, why is this place so loved when it serves industrial grade breakfast in surroundings that would not be out of place in a middle school cafeteria?.

Reply here, or twitter at me to pick one of the extra five that I really should visit. I will veto Cora's. Won't veto anywhere else. Will also visit bars and other interesting Victoria places that I don't have to stuff food into my face at.

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