March 19, 2013

Argyle Attic, Downtown

Above Smiths, attached to the Quality Inn in downtown Victoria lies the Argyle Attic. The website gives few details, requiring me to search out exactly where it was before we visited - a bit of a hint in there would be nice without looking for the address on the contact us page, and then working out which block it is on Courtney and then realizing. But its getting some love for the range of whisky it serves, and being a quieter alternative to the more boisterous Smiths. But we were heading for breakfast, so I'll have to leave the drinking review for another time.

The attic itself is a bright room, with plenty of space, with wood chairs and tables, along with a couple of comfy armchairs in front of a fire. Probably the prime spot for an evening, after a day on the moors, hunting grouse, sitting with a wee dram of single malt, regaling your friend with stories of shooting, and the troubles of being a laird. The stag's head above the fireplace made me think of an old Scottish baronial lodge. The walls are more contemporary, with painted quotes from various famous Canadians or about Canada. On top of some Victorian style wall paper and wood panels. Slightly cheesy, but also just works to the place's advantage.

The food, it's all about the food for brunch. Everything on the menu is $12, with tea and coffee included. Nice and simple. Menu ranges from standard bacon and eggs, to a couple of breakfast poutine choices (curry gravy or normal). Pretty short menu, but who needs that many choices early on a Sunday morning? Sadly they were out of normal poutine sauce, but the folks eating the curry breakfast poutine left stuffed to gunwales. Bowl of cottage potatoes, covered with eggs and meat and curry sauce.

I went for the 3 pancakes and sausage. I must have been feeling sensible. Three pancakes the size of a side plate, two-three sausages, syrup and butter. They have Galloping Goose sausages. Some breakfast sausages are bland, greasy tubes. No flavour, no texture, no protein. These are not them. Juicy, but not fatty. These breakfast sausages are herbed just enough to add some flavour to the meat, but not overdone to overpower the meat or the rest of the meal. The pancakes were fluffy, cooked well, and they absorbed as much maple syrup as I could throw at them.

The waitress only had 4 or so tables to cover, but seemed a little distracted. But that's a minor point, everything was served together, and coffee came about as quick as it could be brewed. The place also had no functioning toilet, so we either had to wander the halls of the hotel, or hold it in. The waitress let us in to the downstairs washrooms as we left though, so everyone was relieved.

Good meal, nice surroundings, will be on the list to visit again.

Final Bill
3 Pancakes with Sausage - $12
1 Pot of Tea - Included in breakfast
Total :  $16 with taxes and tip
Phone : 250-360-2544
Address : 777 Courtney Street, Victoria BC, Canada, V8W 1G3
Website : The Argyle Attic

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