February 26, 2013

The Bleue Coyote, Brentwood Bay

At the start of January, I found myself running past The Bleue Coyote on a Sunday morning, looking for my friends. They were safe and warm inside, but I kept on running. I had signed up to do the Vancouver Island Race series, and this was the first of 8 races, an 8km run around Brentwood and the Saanich show grounds. And I was missing the play off football for this. As a cheap plug, I'm doing the series to raise money for the Haematology Research department at Vancouver General Hospital, who are doing work to find cures for multiple myeloma and primary amyloidosis, diseases of bone marrow that have affected people close to me. If you'd like to donate, and see me run the TC10k in a full tuxedo, here's a link. And now back to the normal programming.

So, I completed the rest of the run, and drove to meet everyone else in the pub. A large cheer went up as I entered. The Seattle Seahawks had just scored to start a huge comeback. My friends wanted to know if I had planned to meet them in a pub with a game on, them knowing my love of football. I hadn't, but it was very convenient. I got into the barstool seat (the climb up told me I was going to be sore tomorrow) and checked out the menu. The steak and eggs stood out, so once the overly busy server came around, I ordered that and a large mug of coffee. The coffee came quickly, the food took a little longer. I caught up with friends, who had seen me lope past earlier, and very grateful for their support I was.

The pub is a large split level room. Didn't explore much expect the front area, which has a large open space. For dancing or fighting, probably. The noise echoes around, and it was noisy, with the Canadian Seahawks fans urging their team onwards. It's a meat-and-two-veg kinda place. Advertising meat draws every week, banners extolling the greatness of Bud (or Coors, I forget which), this is drink, eat and don't be so damn fancy. Coffee was hot, dark and full of caffeine.

The food hit the spot perfectly. Slab of meat, cooked medium as I asked for, nicely browned on outside, still pink on the inside. Meaty and beefy and all I want in a steak/egg breakfast. The eggs I got scrambled. Big heap of yellow-white eggs, not turned into rubber, quivering and tasty. Pile of a crisp country-style potatoes (they called them hash-browns, but unless it's grated potato, it's not really a hash brown in my book) and a few mushrooms on the side. Ketchup supplied to the table with the food. Meat, eggs, starch. Done right. I didn't check with my dining companions on their meals, but as everyone seemed to get on with the eating, and less on the talking at the time, it's a good sign something was right.

There's places in down town Victoria who could learn from the Coyote's chef.

I'm not about to drive (or run) back out there for breakfast again, but if I was going nearby, I'd be back again.

Final Bill
Steak and Eggs - $13.95
Coffee - $2.00
Total :  $21.00 with taxes and tip
Phone : 250-652-3252
Address : 7100 Wallace Drive, Saanich, BC V8M1G9
Website : The Bleue Coyote

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