November 20, 2012

Union Pacific Coffee, Old Town Victoria

The owners of Union Pacific also run Jam Cafe, just across the street.  But the two places serve very different markets. Jam is going for the all day, west coast breakfast crowd. Union Pacific is going for the social coffee house with food. Lounging in one corner as we entered was one java-jockey, piles of paper and the obligatory Mac Book, working on... something. Next door is Dragon Alley, home to some fantastic live/work spaces, so people wanting that casual working vibe will feel right at home.

A massive wooden bar takes up one corner, protecting the kitchen staff from the wandering public.  A display of baked goods covers most of the bar front, but there is one space to order.  Order at checkout then take your seat food to be delivered.

The Brunch menu is short and to the point.  Steamed eggs in bread. Three versions of the eggs : with Montreal Smoked Beef, with Bacon or with Tomato and Harvati.  Three types of bread : toast, bagel or croissant. Or there is yoghurt parfait or a huge fruit cup. But I don't like fruit for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.

So one Bagel full of eggs, smoked meat, dijon mustard and swiss cheese was ordered.  They don't skimp on the eggs, and a lovely pile of fluffy eggs with just enough meat and mustard to impart a tangy, sharp flavour to the proceedings.  It's not huge, but at six bucks, it's a great brunch, or lighter lunch.  The coffee isn't bad either, slightly too bitter for me, but that's being overly fussy.

The location has lots of table space to spread out, socialize over a coffee, and the staff are all smiles... they seem happy to be there every time I've been in.  The building has brick, beams and dark wood everywhere, with a few pieces of art and some old artifacts.  I've no idea what the building used to be in Victoria's past... from the name I'm guessing some link to the Union Pacific Railway or Shipping lines. If you have any information, let me know.

Final Bill
16oz Americano - $2.50
Smokin' Egger - $6.00
Total :  $11 with taxes and tip
Phone : 250-380-0005
Address : 537 Herald Street, Victoria, British Columbia
Website :

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