July 05, 2012

Spoons Diner, Victoria

Spoons used to be Floyd's second location.  The receipt still says "Floyd's Diner" on it, so I am not sure if it's just a name change, a re-brand or a separate entity.  The style, both of food, menu and service though is very similar to Floyd's.  Diner food, with diner surroundings, but a little bit of a twist in there.  A sense of humour about breakfast. I imagine the conversation is like this :

"Hey, bud, I was thinking, we could a Eggs Benedict "
"Yeah, we already do..."
"...but wait, for it... we serve it on crab cakes!"
"... with hollandaise using bacon grease!"
"Sounds great!"
"... and spicy chipotle mayo..."
"... a deep fried dill pickle with sausages on a stick!"
"Calm down, and get with the Fishcake bennys... but will need a bad pun for the name...".

The "You did what? Eggs Benedict" was the special of the day, and was a big fat chunk of decent crab cake, with Poached Eggs, Muffin and a Hollandaise sauce that was meant to be made with bacon fat, but seemed no different from a normal sauce.  Damn fine, though, was the verdict.  Simple, effective.

Like the rest of the food, really. Simple and effect combinations of your breakfast favourites, served with hot coffee and a decent pace.  Like all spots in Victoria that don't screw up your eggs, it has a line up, and line ups normally mean slower than really desirable service for the first meal of the day.

Still, I went with the Holy Chow... Asian Fried Rice meets Breakfast.  Poached eggs, perfectly soft, oozing over a mound of fried rice, with water chestnut, those little corn cobs things, ham, sausage bits and a mound of toast.  Carb loading.  Perfectly fine once a week.  It was good, the eggs dripping into the rice was lovely.  Not quite as savoury as a normal dose of Chinese-style fried rice, so missed a bit there for me.  Needed soy sauce, perhaps, but a filling breakfast.

It got me started for the day, and that's what I mostly desire at a breakfast joint.  A full stomach and a chance to catch up with my friends.

Final Bill
Holy Chow : $12.50
Coffee : $2.50

Total : $17.00 with taxes and tip

Phone : (250) 382-5111
Address : 2915 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T4M8
Website : www.spoonsdiner.com (currently not working)

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