May 15, 2012

Maude Hunter's Pub, Mount Tolmie, Victoria

The experience of Applebee's has scarred me for a long time, but after much therapy and medical help, I am back on the road to recovery.  I guess I blog-faded, but several people suggested I start documenting the meals we go for again.  A group of us go out for Brunch every weekend, and that involves trying out various different eateries across the city.

Or almost across the road in the case of Maude Hunter's Pub.  Maude's.  I've never actually called it "Maude Hunter's Pub" before.  It's my local, or Maude's.  But we noticed it did Sunday breakfast, and I wanted somewhere limping distance from my house after running the Times Colonist 10k, so we settled on Maude's.

I probably should limped further for a decent breakfast.  I like Maude's as a drinking establishment, as long as the Canucks aren't playing.  It's got good seating for large and small groups, but isn't so huge you feel like you are in a warehouse.  The decor is wood and plaster, and probably looked ultra modern in the 80's, but now has it's own charm now.  The beer list is okay, ranging from your typical Canadian mega brews, to a decent range of local beers, but all on the main stream.  No ten year old soured lambic's or barleywines here.  And not should their be.  It's a local's hang out, catering to the student, the tired office worker, the sports team and the semi-pro drinkers who just need to get out of the house for a few hours.

Service can be variable.  Sometimes, with the right server you'll get fast service and friendly word.  Other times it's slow, they'll avoid anyone who might look like they have a question, or simply have too few staff for the number of patrons.

And thus it was Sunday morning.  Despite getting in as the doors opened, the waitress seemed more content on serving the group of guys who (some how) were already in the pub and on their first beers.  Beers and water took a bit longer to arrive, and while we asked to wait for the food menu, it took a long time for her to come back to us and check if we were okay for coffee, beer and water.  Once our orders were finally taken, food took another 45 minutes to arrive.

That was okay, I need a while to drink the three beers I'd ended up with.  Drinking more than one after a run is probably not the best idea, and I did have to sleep it off in the afternoon. But a pint of Canadian, a pint of Beacon IPA and a sleeve of Driftwood slipped down nicely.

I ordered the steak and egg special.  Slab of meat, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes.  I'd asked for medium rare, it came close enough (more medium than rare, but with a 8oz flat iron steak that's close enough for me). The eggs where okay, a little on the rubbery side.  The potatoes seemed boiled, left to rest too long then sauteed, making them floury and lacking in much other than carbs.  Nothing to go back for, breakfast wise.

I do go for the wings every so often, and rate the Buffalo Wings as having potential. I have had a decent pub burger there too.  But it's a local worth going to for proximity, not for much more.  There are local in town worth the journey, though. This just isn't that one.

Final Bill :
Steak and Eggs - $12.99
1 Pint Canadian - $5.00
1 Pint Beacon IPA - $5.50
Total - $28 with tip and taxes.
Phone: (250) 721-2337
Location : 3810 Shelbourne St, Victoria, BC, V8P 4H5
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